Low-Temperature Geothermal Plant in Croatia

The design of a steam gathering system and re-injection along with an emergency discharge system of steam and water for a 16 MWe, binary-cycle power plant in the Velika Ciglena geothermal area in Croatia. Mannvit was a subcontractor of Turboden, which manufactures and installs the machinery parts of the plant.

  • Hönnun gufuveitu
  • Hönnun niðurdælingar
  • Hönnun neyðarlosunar
16 MWe 
170 °C   

“An interesting project, as this will be the first geothermal power plant that produces electricity in Eastern Europe. This project has long been “on the radar” without being realised until now. The project is a multinational one, as the contractor is Italian, the owner of the project is Turkish and the project has largely been carried out by Mannvit’s Hungarian offices.”

Ari Ingimundarson

Project Manager