Geothermal Power Plant, El Salvador

A geothermal field known as Berlin El Salvador, has an installed capacity of 109 MW from geothermal resources. The Berlin plant owner and operator is La Geo SA. The geothermal firm Enex won an EPCM contract for a 9,3 MW geothermal bottoming power plant in 2004 and subcontracted Mannvit. The bottoming plant uses water, which is separated from the geothermal steam, for electrical production.  This means, no wells needed to be drilled in order to supply the energy for the plant. The water is cooled from 180°C to 140°C and the heat extracted converted to electrical energy in a binary plant. The plant has a turbo expander and water cooled cooling tower. The binary working fluid is isopentane in an ORC cycle. 

  • Connection of separators from heat exchangers
  • Process design
  • Overall design of the power plant
  • HAZOP analysis
  • Detailed mechanical design
  • Plot plan
  • Equipment specification
  • Preparation of technical part of tender documents
  • Construction supervision
  • Consultation during commissioning
  • Assistance with manual
180 °C 
Brine temperature
9.3 MW 
Installed capacity
40 °C 

La Geo SA is dedicated to generating renewable electricity. Its two geothermal centers meet nearly 21% of the national energy consumption. In 2008, it injected 1.42TWh to El Salvador's total network which reaches a total of 5.61TWh. La Geo SA operates the Ahuachapán and Berlín plants in El Salvador.